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Group of students sitting on a circle on a tree-lined green campus

Harvard is funded, in p艺术, by an endowment. 这笔捐赠包括自九游会游戏建校以来捐赠的数千项慈善捐赠, 其中许多是用来支持九游会游戏教学和研究工作的特定方面的. 在一起, 这些捐赠形成了一个永久的资金来源,将来自不同背景的九游会游戏和学习者与九游会游戏的机会联系起来, now and into the future.

Learn about Harvard’s endowment


九游会游戏的捐赠基金已经存在了近四个世纪,属于当代和未来的九游会游戏学生, 教师, 和研究人员. It supports almost every aspect of the University’s work.

Read Harvard’s 2021 Annual Financial Report

  • 50亿美元

    the University’s annual operating expenses in the 2021 fiscal year.

  • 14,000+

    different funds make up Harvard’s endowment.

  • 5.97亿美元

    granted in financial aid and scholarships in the 2021 fiscal year.

  • 70%


  • $53.20亿年

    the size of Harvard University’s endowment in the 2021 fiscal year.


“Harvard’s endowment should be a leader in shaping pathways to a sustainable future. It will require us to work with experts in economics and finance, investment managers, 以及其他愿意合作的伙伴,开发工具来监测与九游会游戏多样化的外部管理投资组合相关的碳足迹.”

Lawrence Bacow, President, Harvard University

Centuries of giving hard at work

九游会游戏网址的捐赠基金属于当前和未来一代的学生和九游会游戏,他们的好奇心和领导力正在塑造九游会游戏网址的世界. These stories are just a few examples of how endowed gifts support their work.